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Attorneys Helping You With Medicaid Planning and Medicaid Waivers

If you have started with the process of learning about Medicaid benefits, you do not need to be told how complicated and daunting the process can be. Many people are denied benefits. It is important to work with a legal team you can trust to help you through this process.

At Coffin, Coffin & Blackman, our attorneys understand the challenges you are facing. Our legal team combines more than a decade of legal experience with shared compassion and commitment to our clients. When you work with our firm, our lawyers will patiently explain your legal options and help you through the process so you can make sound decisions about your Medicaid benefits, including the waiver process your family might require. From our office in Martinsville, we serve clients throughout central Indiana.

Helping You Through Every Step Of The Planning And Waiver Process

There are numerous considerations as you prepare for your Medicaid and other benefits:

  • Initial determination: Medicaid is not the best choice for everyone. We can look through your financial records with you and discuss the pros and cons of Medicaid to help you make the best choice.
  • Eligibility: We can look at your assets and your income to help determine whether or not you are eligible.
  • The lookback period and waivers: When you receive Medicaid benefits, the expectation is that all of your income go towards your medical benefits, with Medicaid kicking in to cover the rest. Therefore, any assets that you have will be counted against what you could be eligible to receive from Medicaid. If you plan to transfer assets to keep them out of Medicaid’s reach, you have to do so more than five years from applying for benefits. Our attorneys can help you coordinate these transfers.
  • Receiving benefits: You have to handle the initial application carefully in order to reduce your chances of being denied. Our attorneys can help you through the initial application process and through any necessary appeals.

Our attorneys take a personalized approach with each client. We will take the time to listen to you and understand your goals so we can help you obtain them.

Contact Us To Talk With An Attorney

Do not delay getting legal help with Medicaid planning, and do not try to handle your Medicaid planning alone. We can help you. Call (765) 342-5506 or email us to schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer from Coffin, Coffin & Blackman.