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Do You Have Questions About Wills?

At Coffin, Coffin & Blackman, we have been helping people throughout central Indiana create their wills and amend them for decades. In that time, we have faced all types of questions about wills and the related processes involved. Our attorneys are here to help you. Please read the questions and answers below and talk with our lawyers about how we can help you with a will.

Can I write my own will without an attorney?

You can. In fact, there are numerous online sources with do-it-yourself simple will forms.

However, this is a bad idea. If you want to know that your will is going to be effective and transfer your assets according to your wishes, make sure you work with an experienced attorney. There are too many potential pitfalls and legal nuances that require the help of an experienced lawyer.

Although you can technically make a will on your own, only an experienced lawyer can make sure your will is following all the relevant laws and that your will is going to transfer your assets appropriately. Let us help you.

Do I need other documents too? Or can I just use a will?

As with most of these estate planning questions, a lot depends on your unique situation. There are some people who can do fine with just a single will document in place, but it’s pretty rare.

For many people, especially those with numerous beneficiaries or a child with special needs, there are numerous trust instruments that will be necessary to make a truly effective estate plan.

When should I write my will?

It is always advisable to create your will as soon as possible. Any adult who has gathered any assets should consider creating a will. You can always update your will down the road if your situation changes at all, but it’s much easier to have things in place ahead of time.

Also, the nature of tragedy is that we never see it coming. A will, as part of an integrated estate plan, can ensure that your assets are transferred and all other end-of-life scenarios are accounted for in advance.

When do I need to make changes to my will?

We often tell people that any time you experience any significant changes in your life, you should revisit your will. Marriages, divorces, receiving an inheritance, having children, major changes in your finances and other related events should have you thinking about altering your will to reflect the new reality.

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